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Passion for Innovation and positive Change

Innovation based on information technology is my professional passion. One could classify it in three main areas:

  • Sales: I love modern sales approaches that benefit customers. In my opinion it's not about selling, but about advising, challenging and adding innovation and value. It all starts with a good lead generation, which was much different 10 years ago: Nowadays, customers are way more educated and have much less time. They are looking for someone who understands their domain and problems, not for figureheads. Whether it be inbound and outbound lead generation, key account management or target account management, it's all about adding value.

  • Create innovative, IT-based concepts and solutions that make a difference, solve problems, help people and have the potential for disruption.

  • Understand how organisations and teams can become more agile and what's necessary for organizational and systemic learning. How to shift from classic "scalable efficiency" of the "factory method" to "scalable learning".

All three put together create a powerful vehicle for sales and consulting.

Private Affairs & Hobbies - Examples of what I do

Very private Affairs

  • Spouse & two children (son - 20 and daughter - 18)
  • Contemplative Meditation since 2003
  • Coaching, psychology, NLP, Nonviolent Communication


  • Master of Science (Dipl. Ing.)
  • Key Account Management
  • Target Account Management
  • Negotiate in tough situations
  • Present - Moderate - Negotiate - Sell
  • Presales
  • Sales- and Delivery-Cycle
  • NLP Practionier
  • Nonviolent Communication
  • Legal Aspects of Project Mgmt
  • CSC Catalyst Project Management
  • Leadership & Leadership Styles
  • SSI Open Water Diver

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